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Balhimycin, a new glycopeptide antibiotic produced by Amycolatopsis sp. Y-86,21022. Taxonomy, production, isolation and biological activity.
Balhimycin is marginally superior to vancomycin in its in vitro activity against anaerobes and in its bactericidal properties. Expand
Balhimycin, a new glycopeptide antibiotic with an unusual hydrated 3-amino-4-oxoaldopyranose sugar moiety
Balhimycin (1), C 66 H 73 Cl 2 N 9 O 24 , is a new glycopeptide antibiotic of the vancomycin class. It was isolated from the fermentation broth of an Amycolatopsis sp. Hoechst India LimitedExpand
Phencomycin, a new antibiotic from a Streptomyces species HIL Y-9031725.
Strain HIL Y-9031725 was isolated from a soil sample collected in India using the methods described by Shirling and Gottlieb and monitored by its antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus 209P. Expand
Kodaistatins, novel inhibitors of glucose-6-phosphate translocase T1 from Aspergillus terreus thom DSM 11247. Isolation and structural elucidation.
The use of a range of 2D NMR measurements, in particular 13C-13C correlation measurements, has led to the clarification of the structure of kodaistatin A and an X-ray single crystal structure analysis of aspulvinon E demonstrated the z-configuration at the central double bond. Expand
A New Stability Indicating HPLC Method for Related Substances in Zolmitriptan
The HPLC method can be used for the detection and quantification of known and unknown impurities and degradants in the drug substance zolmitriptan during routine analysis and also for stability studies in view of its capability to separate degradation products. Expand
Esculentins A & B, Two New Diterpenes from Casearia esculenta.
The structures of esculentins A and B, isolated from the twigs of Casearia esculenta (Samydaceae), have been elucidated. They are found to beExpand