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Branch-and-Price: Column Generation for Solving Huge Integer Programs
We discuss formulations of integer programs with a huge number of variables and their solution by column generation methods, i.e., implicit pricing of nonbasic variables to generate new columns or to prove LP optimality. Expand
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Matching, Euler tours and the Chinese postman
The solution of the Chinese postman problem using matching theory is given. Expand
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Some continuous functions related to corner polyhedra
Previous work on Gomory's corner polyhedra is extended to generate valid inequalities for any mixed integer program. Expand
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The fleet assignment problem: Solving a large-scale integer program
This paper describes a basic daily, domestic fleet assignment problem and then presents chronologically the steps taken to solve it efficiently. Expand
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Solving Large-Scale Zero-One Linear Programming Problems
A combination of problem preprocessing, cutting planes, and clever branch-and-bound techniques permit the optimization of sparse large-scale zero-one linear programming problems, even those with no apparent special structure, in reasonable computation times. Expand
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Flight String Models for Aircraft Fleeting and Routing
We present a single model and solution approach to solve simultaneously the fleet assignment and aircraft routing problems, which can capture costs associated with aircraft connections and complicating constraints such as maintenance requirements. Expand
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An Optimization Based Heuristic for Political Districting
Redistricting, the redrawing of congressional district boundaries within the states, may occur every 10 years on the basis of the population census. Many redistricting plans are designed withExpand
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The aircraft rotation problem
In this paper, we present a mathematical formulation for the aircraft rotation problem (ARP) and discuss its similarity with the asymmetric traveling salesman problem. Expand
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On the group problem for mixed integer programming
A theory is developed for a group problem arising from mixed integer programming. This theory gives descriptions of functions on the unit hypercube from which cutting planes can be constructed forExpand
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Min-cut clustering
We describe a decomposition framework and a column generation scheme for solving a min-cut clustering problem. Expand
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