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Switchable Solvents Consisting of Amidine/Alcohol or Guanidine/Alcohol Mixtures
Liquids that consist of a mixture of an alcohol and either an amidine or a guanidine have been developed to switch from a low-polarity form to a high-polarity ionic liquid upon treatment with CO2 at
One-component, switchable ionic liquids derived from siloxylated amines.
A new class of one-component, thermally reversible, neutral to ionic liquid solvents derived from siloxylated amines is presented and characterized.
Benign coupling of reactions and separations with reversible ionic liquids
Abstract Reversible ionic liquids are a novel class of solvents that combine an effective medium where reactions occur with a ‘built-in’ separation ability for facile recovery of the products and
Piperylene sulfone: a labile and recyclable DMSO substitute.
The properties and uses of piperylene sulfone as a new, recyclable dipolar, aprotic solvent for conducting organic reactions are presented.
Regioselective syntheses of 2,3,4-tribromopyrrole and 2,3,5-tribromopyrrole.
Spectral data and antifeedant effects for synthetic 1 and the antipredatory chemical defense compound of the marine hemichordate Saccoglossus kowalevskii were in agreement, confirming the structure of the deterrent natural product as 1.
Novel Switchable Systems and Applications