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Switchable Solvents Consisting of Amidine/Alcohol or Guanidine/Alcohol Mixtures
Liquids that consist of a mixture of an alcohol and either an amidine or a guanidine have been developed to switch from a low-polarity form to a high-polarity ionic liquid upon treatment with CO2 atExpand
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Complexes of Silver with Histidine and Imidazole Investigated by the Calorimetric and Potentiometric Methods
The stability constants and enthalpies of formation of silver (I) complexes with histidine and imidazole were determined. Two types of complexes were found: AgL and AgL+2 . The second is much moreExpand
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Regioselective syntheses of 2,3,4-tribromopyrrole and 2,3,5-tribromopyrrole.
2,3,4-Tribromopyrrole (1) and 2,3,5-tribromopyrrole (2) were each synthesized from pyrrole. Spectral data and antifeedant effects for synthetic 1 and the antipredatory chemical defense compound ofExpand
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Benign coupling of reactions and separations with reversible ionic liquids
Abstract Reversible ionic liquids are a novel class of solvents that combine an effective medium where reactions occur with a ‘built-in’ separation ability for facile recovery of the products andExpand
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Piperylene sulfone: a labile and recyclable DMSO substitute.
The properties and uses of piperylene sulfone as a new, recyclable dipolar, aprotic solvent for conducting organic reactions are presented.
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Chapter 1:Production and Properties of Fuels from Domestic and Industrial Waste
Waste is a byproduct of life and civilisation; it is the material that remains after a useful component has been consumed. From an economic perspective, waste is a material involved in life orExpand
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The application of calcined marlstones as a catalyst in biodiesel production from high free fatty acid coconut oil
Abstract The price of biodiesel compared with petrodiesel is sufficiently high to be a deterrent to consumers. By utilising calcium oxide catalysts, the cost of one of the operational inputs, theExpand
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Task order 3 under boa 514 / fiscal year 2006
Additives for drilling fluids based oil
An additive for a treatment fluid comprising wells a sulfonated asphaltic composition comprising particles having a particle size less than about 215 D₉₀ mm. A well treatment fluid comprising (i) anExpand
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