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Evoked-Potential Correlates of Stimulus Uncertainty
The average evoked-potential waveforms to sound and light stimuli recorded from scalp in awake human subjects show differences as a function of the subject's degree of uncertainty with respect to theExpand
Assessing interactions in the brain with exact low-resolution electromagnetic tomography
Scalp electric potentials (electroencephalogram; EEG) are contingent to the impressed current density unleashed by cortical pyramidal neurons undergoing post-synaptic processes. EEG neuroimagingExpand
Millisecond by Millisecond, Year by Year: Normative EEG Microstates and Developmental Stages
Microstate analysis yields a compact and comprehensive repertoire of short lasting classes of brain topographic maps, which may be considered to reflect global functional states. Expand
Conventional and quantitative electroencephalography in psychiatry.
  • J. R. Hughes, E. John
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of neuropsychiatry and clinical…
  • 1 May 1999
Electrical activity of each brain region is homeostatically regulated, resulting in predictable frequency composition of the background EEG. Replicated normative databases have established that theExpand
The neurophysics of consciousness
  • E. John
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Brain Research Reviews
  • 1 June 2002
Consciousness combines information about attributes of the present multimodal sensory environment with relevant elements of the past. Information from each modality is continuously fractionated intoExpand
Quantitative EEG changes associated with loss and return of consciousness in healthy adult volunteers anaesthetized with propofol or sevoflurane.
Significant changes in topographic quantitative EEG (QEEG) features were documented during induction and emergence from anaesthesia induced by the systematic administration of sevoflurane andExpand
The Anesthetic Cascade: A Theory of How Anesthesia Suppresses Consciousness
ADEQUATE surgical anesthesia must achieve three goals: immobility, amnesia, and absence of awareness. After the evidence of anesthetic lipophilicity was presented by Meyer and Overton, it was widelyExpand
Invariant Reversible QEEG Effects of Anesthetics
Continuous recordings of brain electrical activity were obtained from a group of 176 patients throughout surgical procedures using general anesthesia. Artifact-free data from the 19 electrodes of theExpand
Perceptual framing and cortical alpha rhythm
Abstract Apparent motion was used as a probe to test the hypothesis that perceptual framing is correlated to the phase of the alpha rhythm. Stimuli were presented phasically with respect to theExpand
3D Statistical Parametric Mapping of EEG Source Spectra by Means of Variable Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (VARETA)
This article describes a new method for 3D QEEG tomography in the frequency domain. Expand