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Malalas' world view
Warfare, State and Society in the Byzantine World, 565-1204The Byzantine Wars: Battles and Campaigns of the Byzantine EraByzantium: A History
Warfare, State and Society in the Byzantine World is the first comprehensive study of warfare and the Byzantine world from the sixth to the twelfth century. The book examines Byzantine attitudes toExpand
Digenis Akritis: the Grottaferrata and Escorial versions
Acknowledgements Introduction Sigla Grottaferrata text and translation Books 1-8 Escorial text and translation Bibliography Name index.
The Beginning of Byzantine Chronography: John Malalas
The chronicle of John Malalas, written in the course of the sixth century, is the earliest extant example of a Byzantine world chronicle. This is a genre which, combining secular and biblicalExpand
The Oxford Handbook of Byzantine Studies
I. THE DISCIPLINE 1. Byzantine Studies as an academic discipline 2. Instrumenta: tools for the study of the discipline Primary sources Chronology and dating Weights and measures Archaeology CriticalExpand