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Tolkien, Lewis and the explosion of genre fantasy
J. R. R. Tolkien said that the phrase ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit’ came to his unconscious mind while marking examination papers; he wrote it on a blank page in an answer book. FromExpand
Burial and Status in the Early Medieval West
EARLY medieval archaeology can be said to have its origins with the investigation of burial: with Otto III's opening of Charlemagne's tomb in iooo; with medieval and early modern reports of theExpand
Britain in the first millennium
The first millennium in British history, a period framed by two invasions and conquests from across the Channel, is portrayed in this account. It covers the entire first millennium - or what might beExpand
Utopias and anti-utopias
It is sometimes said that the ability of the writer to imagine a better place in which to live died in the course of the twentieth century, extinguished by the horrors of total war, of genocide andExpand
Gregory of Tours : life of the fathers
Preface and Acknowledgements Introduction Family trees Maps Translation of the Life of the Fathers: Preface I About Romanus and Lupicinus, abbots II About St Illidius, a bishop III About St Abraham,Expand
The Merovingian archaeology of south-west Gaul
p.1 "Apart from the brief blaze of glory in the late fourth and fifth centuries, with the flourishing of the Bordeaux schools and the reign of the Visigothic kings, south-west Gaul is very much aExpand
Cities and Towns
If the English-speaking visitor to the lands west of the Rhine today is struck by their ethnic and regional diversity, he cannot fail to notice also the fierce pride of citizens for their town. MoreExpand