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Nuclear data sheets for A = 110
Abstract The 1992 evaluation on mass A = 110 has been revised, taking into account all data available before January 1999. Detailed experimental information is presented from the neutron rich nucleusExpand
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Gamow-Teller strengths in the A = 14 multiplet: a challenge to the shell model.
A new experimental approach to the famous problem of the anomalously slow Gamow-Teller (GT) transitions in the beta decay of the A=14 multiplet is presented. The GT strength distributions to excitedExpand
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Excitation energy dependence of fragment characteristics for the photofission of 232Th
Abstract Independent and cumulative product yields were measured for the photofission of 232Th with bremsstrahlung with endpoint energies 6.5, 7.0, 8.0, 11.0, 12.0, and 14.0 MeV, applying γExpand
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Mass and kinetic energy distributions for the photofission of 232Th with 6.44 to 13.15 MeV bremsstrahlung
Abstract Post- and preneutron-emission mass and kinetic energy distributions of the fragments emitted in the photofission of 232 Th with 6.44, 7.33, 8.35, 9.31, 11.13 and 13.15 MeV have been studied.Expand
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Study of the 232Th fission barrier by electron-induced fission
Abstract Fission fragment angular distributions and the electrofission cross section of 232 Th were measured in the electron energy region 4.5–7.9 MeV. Below 5.20 MeV two distinct shelves wereExpand
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Polarised bremsstrahlung nuclear resonance fluorescence set-up at the 15 MeV linac in Gent
Abstract Nuclear resonance fluorescence experiments using unpolarised as well as off-axis linearly polarised bremsstrahlung represent an outstanding tool to determine in a completely modelExpand
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Nuclear data sheets for A=112
The 1989 evaluation on mass A=112 has been reviewed, taking into account all data available before December 1995. Experimental information is presented from the neutron-rich {sup 112}Tc to theExpand
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Nuclear Data Sheets for A = 103
Abstract Experimental information is presented from the neutron rich 103Zr to the neutron deficient 103Sn. At the neutron rich side, new information on the β− decay of 103Zr (1.3 s), 103Nb (1.5 s)Expand
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Excitation energy dependence of charge odd-even effects in the fission of 238U close to the fission barrier *
Abstract Independent yields of the heavy fragments have been determined for the photofission of 238 U at excitation energies in the barrier region. Bremsstrahlung with six different endpoint energiesExpand
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