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Irradiation creep by stress-induced preferential attraction due to anisotropic diffusion (SIPA-AD)
Abstract An accepted mechanism for radiation creep is the dislocation climb enhancement via stress-induced preferential attraction (SIPA) of point defects. This attraction depends on the dislocationExpand
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Phonon dispersion curves for transition metals within the embedded-atom and embedded-defect methods
Phonons in bcc Mo, Fe, and Cr have been calculated using embedded-atom-method (EAM)-type and embedded-defect (ED) potentials. The latter is an extension of the EAM that introduces angularExpand
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Irradiation-growth of zirconium-base alloys: Part I
Abstract A simple model for explaining irradiation-growth of polycrystalline zirconium-base alloys has been developed by considering the operation of two point-defect sinks, namely the latticeExpand
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Embedded - Atom - Method Interatomic Potentials for BCC - Iron
An embedded-atom-method (EAM) interatomic potential [1] for bcc-iron is derived. It is fitted exactly to the lattice parameter, elastic constants, an approximation to the unrelaxed vacancy formationExpand
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Grain Boundary Sink Strength in Anisotropic Materials
The grain boundary sink strengths for intrinsic point defects in an anisotropic lattice are calculated. It is shown that the sink strength depends on the grain size, its shape, its metallurgicalExpand
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Point defect-dislocation interaction in a crystal under tension
Abstract The influence of an external uniaxial stress on the interaction between mobile defects and individual network dislocations is studied theoretically. The point defects are described withinExpand
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Diffusion of Hf in α-Zr
The diffusion of Hf in α-Zr has been studied in the temperature range 773–1115 K for the first time using the Rutherford backscattering technique. For this purpose we have used 250 Å thick Hf films,Expand
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Point defects and sink strength in h.c.p. metals
Abstract We present in this paper a comprehensive study of the static and dynamic properties of point defects and of their interaction with dislocations and grain boundaries. First, by usingExpand
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