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Quantum spin Hall effect in graphene.
We study the effects of spin orbit interactions on the low energy electronic structure of a single plane of graphene. We find that in an experimentally accessible low temperature regime the symmetryExpand
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Z2 topological order and the quantum spin Hall effect.
The quantum spin Hall (QSH) phase is a time reversal invariant electronic state with a bulk electronic band gap that supports the transport of charge and spin in gapless edge states. We show thatExpand
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Topological insulators in three dimensions.
We study three-dimensional generalizations of the quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect. Unlike two dimensions, where a single Z2 topological invariant governs the effect, in three dimensions there are 4Expand
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Weyl and Dirac semimetals in three-dimensional solids
Weyl and Dirac semimetals are three-dimensional phases of matter with gapless electronic excitations that are protected by topology and symmetry. As three-dimensional analogs of graphene, they haveExpand
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Size, Shape, and Low Energy Electronic Structure of Carbon Nanotubes
A theory of the long-wavelength low-energy electronic structure of graphite-derived nanotubules is presented. The propagating {pi} electrons are described by wrapping a massless two dimensional DiracExpand
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Dirac semimetal in three dimensions.
We show that the pseudorelativistic physics of graphene near the Fermi level can be extended to three dimensional (3D) materials. Unlike in phase transitions from inversion symmetric topological toExpand
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Self-consistent effective-mass theory for intralayer screening in graphite intercalation compounds
Le nuage d'ecran a une decroissance algebrique tres lente avec une longueur caracteristique de 3,8 A. Cette longueur est due aux caracteres bidimensionnel et semi-metallique du graphite. UneExpand
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Photoluminescence and band gap modulation in graphene oxide
We report broadband visible photoluminescence from solid graphene oxide, and modifications of the emission spectrum by progressive chemical reduction. The data suggest a gapping of theExpand
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Surface potentials and layer charge distributions in few-layer graphene films.
Graphene-derived nanomaterials are emerging as ideal candidates for postsilicon electronics. Elucidating the electronic interaction between an insulating substrate and few-layer graphene (FLG) filmsExpand
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Electron interactions and scaling relations for optical excitations in carbon nanotubes.
Recent fluorescence spectroscopy experiments on single wall carbon nanotubes reveal substantial deviations of observed absorption and emission energies from predictions of noninteracting models ofExpand
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