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Atomic L-Shell Coster-Kronig, Auger, and Radiative Rates and Flourescence Yields for Na-Th
Calculated Auger, Coster-Kronig, super Coster-Kronig, and radiative transition rates are used to compute atomic $M$-shell Auger, Coster-Kronig, and fluorescence yields. Comparison is made with fiveExpand
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Two- and three-photon ionization in the noble gases
By using a characteristic Green's function for an exactly solvable Schroedinger equation with an approximation to the central potential of Hermann and Skillman, the cross section for nonresonant two-Expand
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Scaled electron ionization cross sections in the Born approximation for atoms with 55< or =Z< or =102
Using the generalized oscillator-strength formulation of the Born approximation, the author calculated electron ionization cross sections for all significant subshells of every fourth atom with 58<Expand
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Soft x-ray gain in the alkali earths.
An unsuccessful attempt was made to observe gain in low pressure sodium vapor at 372 A at an x-ray pumping power level of 0.1 GW/cm(2) . As a result we suggest that high density alkali-earth vaporsExpand
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Systematics of subshell electron ionization cross sections
The excellent agreement between recent converged close-coupling calculations of electron ionization cross sections of atoms and ions and plane-wave Born approximation (PWBA) calculations leads to theExpand
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