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The Social System of the Zulus
AbstractFOR several reasons the Zulus were for long, to the British public, the typical and, notwithstanding the eccentricities of Bushmen and Hottentot, the best-known of the indigenous peoples ofExpand
The Social System of the Zulus.
Changing Conditions in Marital Relations and Parental Duties Among Urbanized Natives
Everywhere in Africa contact with the European is causing change and disturbance institutional dislocation and disintegration. If Bantu society is to survive the shock its disintegrating institutionsExpand
Girls Puberty Songs and Their Relation to Fertility, Health, Morality and Religion Among the Zulu
In the tradition of van Gennep anthropologists have studied puberty rites mainly as rites of passage marking changes in status at the crises of life and more recently the role which these ceremoniesExpand
Woman-Marriage, with Special Reference to the Louedu—its Significance for the Definition of Marriage
The marriage of a woman to a woman, found in many African societies, has not been given the attention it warrants, and is still imperfectly understood. Herskovits imputed to it sexual overtones thatExpand
No one can remain long among the Balobedu without being impressed by the part played by beer in the lives of the people. On almost every occasion or ceremony of importance there is beer in evidenceExpand