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Dissociable effects of the implicit and explicit memory systems on learning control of reaching
Adaptive control of reaching depends on internal models that associate states in which the limb experienced a force perturbation with motor commands that can compensate for it. Limb state can beExpand
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A Gain-Field Encoding of Limb Position and Velocity in the Internal Model of Arm Dynamics
Adaptability of reaching movements depends on a computation in the brain that transforms sensory cues, such as those that indicate the position and velocity of the arm, into motor commands.Expand
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History-based action selection bias in posterior parietal cortex
Making decisions based on choice-outcome history is a crucial, adaptive ability in life. However, the neural circuit mechanisms underlying history-dependent decision-making are poorly understood. InExpand
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Cognitive neural prosthetics.
The cognitive neural prosthetic (CNP) is a very versatile method for assisting paralyzed patients and patients with amputations. The CNP records the cognitive state of the subject, rather thanExpand
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Inactivation of the Parietal Reach Region Causes Optic Ataxia, Impairing Reaches but Not Saccades
Lesions in human posterior parietal cortex can cause optic ataxia (OA), in which reaches but not saccades to visual objects are impaired, suggesting separate visuomotor pathways for the twoExpand
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Volitional Control of Neural Activity Relies on the Natural Motor Repertoire
BACKGROUND The results from recent brain-machine interface (BMI) studies suggest that it may be more efficient to use simple arbitrary relationships between individual neuron activity and BMIExpand
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Adaptation and generalization in acceleration-dependent force fields
Any passive rigid inertial object that we hold in our hand, e.g., a tennis racquet, imposes a field of forces on the arm that depends on limb position, velocity, and acceleration. A fundamentalExpand
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Internal models of limb dynamics and the encoding of limb state.
We developed a set of equations based on properties of muscle spindles that estimated spindle discharge as a function of the limb's state during reaching and drawing of circles. Expand
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Brain Control of Movement Execution Onset Using Local Field Potentials in Posterior Parietal Cortex
The precise control of movement execution onset is essential for safe and autonomous cortical motor prosthetics. A recent study from the parietal reach region (PRR) suggested that the local fieldExpand
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The diagnostic value of ultrasonography with 5–15‐MHz probes in benign subcutaneous lesions
Ultrasonography (US) has recently proved to be useful in diagnostic dermatology. It is convenient to use, completely safe, and provides valuable information.
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