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Study of atmospheric particulate matter in Buenos Aires city
Abstract The data reported here constitute the results of the first long-term monitoring campaign of daily PM10 and PM2.5 concentration levels in Buenos Aires city. Twenty-four hour averagesExpand
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Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly of Glucose Oxidase with a Poly(allylamine)ferrocene Redox Mediator
We report the redox mediation of glucose oxidase (GOx) in a self-assembled structure of cationic poly(allylamine) modified by ferrocene (PAA-Fc) and anionic GOx deposited electrostaticallyExpand
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Surface electrochemical transformations on spinel iron oxide electrodes in aqueous solutions
The effect of potential and electrolyte composition on the surface stoichiometry in magnetite oxide electrodes has been investigated by a variety of electrochemical techniques: open-circuitExpand
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Nanowire manipulation on surfaces through electrostatic self-assembly and magnetic interactions
A method for fabricating aligned nanowire arrays on surfaces is shown. Gold and segmented Au/Ni/Au nanowires of high aspect ratio have been prepared by template electrosynthesis, and functionalizedExpand
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Layer-by-layer self-assembly of glucose oxidase and Os(Bpy)2CIPyCH2NH-poly(allylamine) bioelectrode.
The uptake of glucose oxidase (GOx) onto a polycationic redox polymer (PAA-Os)-modified surface, by adsorption from dilute aqueous GOx solutions, was followed by the quartz crystal microbalance (QCM)Expand
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Layer-by-layer self-assembled osmium polymer-mediated laccase oxygen cathodes for biofuel cells: the role of hydrogen peroxide.
High potential purified Trametes trogii laccase has been studied as a biocatalyst for oxygen cathodes composed of layer-by-layer self-assembled thin films by sequential immersion of mercaptopropaneExpand
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Localised electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with high lateral resolution by means of alternating current scanning electrochemical microscopy
A new method for measuring local interfacial impedance properties with high lateral resolution was developed by combination of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) with scanningExpand
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Infrared Spectroscopy Studies on Stability of Dimethyl Sulfoxide for Application in a Li–Air Battery
In situ infrared subtractive normalized Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (SNIFTIRS) experiments performed simultaneously with the electroreduction of oxygen on gold and platinum cathodes inExpand
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Layer-by-layer electrostatic deposition of biomolecules on surfaces for molecular recognition, redox mediation and signal generation.
Layer-by-layer supramolecular structures composed of alternate layers of negatively charged enzymes and cationic redox polyelectrolyte have been assembled. Glucose oxidase (GOx), lactate oxidaseExpand
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An Os(byp)2ClPyCH2NHPoly(allylamine) hydrogel mediator for enzyme wiring at electrodes
An Os hydrogel based on the covalent attachment of Os(byp)2 ClPyCHO to PAA-NH2 was cross-linked with glucose oxidase (GOx), lactate oxidase (LOx) and horseradish peroxidase (HRP) on GC and AuExpand
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