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Phylogenetic positions of Mn2+-oxidizing bacteria and fungi isolated from Mn nodules in rice field subsoils
We isolated manganous ion (Mn2+) oxidizing bacteria and fungi from Mn nodules collected from two Japanese rice fields. The phylogenetic position of the Mn-oxidizing bacteria and fungi was determinedExpand
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Bacterial communities in manganese nodules in rice field subsoils: Estimation using PCR-DGGE and sequencing analyses
Abstract The phylogenetic positions of bacterial communities in manganese (Mn) nodules from subsoils of two Japanese rice fields were estimated using polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gelExpand
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Reproductive and subsocial behaviour in the ovoviviparous leaf beetle Gonioctena sibirica (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Abstract. 1 In the spring, females of the leaf beetle Gonioctena sibirica deposited larvae on the ventral surface of growing young leaves situated on the apical position of shoots of the willow SalixExpand
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Subsocial behaviour, defined as postovipositional parental behaviour that promotes the survival, growth, and development of offspring, has been reported in diverse orders in insects (Tallamy and WoodExpand
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Methanogenic archaeal communities developed in paddy fields in the Kojima Bay polder, estimated by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, real-time PCR and sequencing analyses
Abstract Methanogenic archaeal communities inhabiting the paddy field soils in the Kojima Bay polder were investigated using polymerase chain reaction-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresisExpand
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Effects of Boron and Phosphate on Overcoming Internal Browning in Roots of Japanese Radish
Effects of boron and phosphate applied to the different kinds of soils and solution culture on the internal browning of roots in summer-sown Japanese radish were investigated. With hydroponics, theExpand
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T4-type bacteriophage communities estimated from the major capsid genes (g23) in manganese nodules in Japanese paddy fields
Abstract The present study compared the capsid gene (g23) of T4-type bacteriophages (phages) in Mn nodules with those in the plow layer soil and subsoils of two Japanese paddy fields by applying theExpand
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Maternal Defence of a Leaf Beetle is not Effective against Parasitoids but is against Pedestrian Predators
Females of the subsocial leaf beetle Gonioctena sibirica attend their broods on the willow Salix bakko. Females with broods settle on the underside of the basal part of leaves and face towards theExpand
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Abstracts of Nippon Dojo-Hiryogaku Zasshi
s of Nippon Dojo-Hiryogaku Zasshi (Japanese Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition) Vol. 84 (2013) No. 6 (pp. 437–511)