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Coherent detection in optical fiber systems.
The drive for higher performance in optical fiber systems has renewed interest in coherent detection. We review detection methods, including noncoherent, differentially coherent, and coherentExpand
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101.7-Tb/s (370×294-Gb/s) PDM-128QAM-OFDM transmission over 3×55-km SSMF using pilot-based phase noise mitigation
Record capacity transmission of 101.7-Tb/s (370×294-Gb/s) is performed over 3×55 km SSMF using PDM-128QAM-OFDM modulation and pilot-based phase noise mitigation. Achieved spectral efficiency of 11Expand
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Nonlinear Compensation Using Backpropagation for Polarization-Multiplexed Transmission
  • E. Ip
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  • Journal of Lightwave Technology
  • 15 March 2010
Digital backpropagation (BP) is a universal method for jointly compensating dispersion and nonlinear impairments in optical fiber and is applicable to signals of any modulation format. In this paper,Expand
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On the Design of Energy-Efficient Mixed-Line-Rate (MLR) Optical Networks
With increasing energy consumption of the Internet, it is now imperative to design energy-efficient network architectures and protocols. Optical technologies have significant promise in improving theExpand
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Terabit Optical Access Networks Based on WDM-OFDMA-PON
Next-generation optical access networks are envisioned to evolve into a converged, high-speed, multiservice platform supporting residential, business, mobile backhaul, and special purposeExpand
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146λ × 6 × 19-Gbaud Wavelength-and Mode-Division Multiplexed Transmission Over 10 × 50-km Spans of Few-Mode Fiber With a Gain-Equalized Few-Mode EDFA
We demonstrate wavelength- and mode-division multiplexed transmission over a fiber re-circulating loop comprising 50-km of low-DMGD few-mode fiber, and an optimized few-mode EDFA with reducedExpand
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Multimode fiber amplifier with tunable modal gain using a reconfigurable multimode pump
We propose a method for controlling mode-dependent gain in a multimode Erbium-doped fiber amplifier by tuning the mode content of a multimode pump. The resulting device is suitable for mode-divisionExpand
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105Pb/s Transmission with 109b/s/Hz Spectral Efficiency using Hybrid Single- and Few-Mode Cores
We demonstrated 1.05-Pb/s transmission over 3km of multicore fiber with spectral efficiency of 109b/s/Hz, using twelve single-mode cores carrying DP-32QAM-OFDM signals and two few-mode cores carryingExpand
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10×456-Gb/s DP-16QAM transmission over 8×100 km of ULAF using coherent detection with a 30-GHz analog-to-digital converter
We demonstrate 10×456-Gb/s single-carrier DP-16QAM transmission over 8×l00-km of ULAF at a channel spacing of 70 GHz (6.1 b/s/Hz), using coherent detection with an analog-to-digital converter whoseExpand
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High Capacity/Spectral Efficiency 101.7-Tb/s WDM Transmission Using PDM-128QAM-OFDM Over 165-km SSMF Within C- and L-Bands
We experimentally demonstrate 101.7-Tb/s transmission over 355 km spans of standard single-mode fiber (SSMF) at a net spectral efficiency of 11 b/s/Hz. A total of 370 dense wavelength-divisionExpand
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