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Cancer Risk in Relatives of Patients with Common Colorectal Cancer
Screening for colorectal cancer continues to be controversial [1, 2]. The role of fecal occult blood tests is being evaluated [3-8], but definitive results are unlikely before 1995. One interveningExpand
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Tumor recurrence in the abdominal wall scar tissue after large-bowel cancer surgery
In the Melbourne (Monash) series reviewed here the development of apparently isolated incisional scar tissue recurrences after curative excisions for large-bowel cancer proved unusual. ElevenExpand
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Local recurrence after potentially curative resection for rectal cancer in a series of 1008 patients
Local recurrence and its related mortality after potentially curative resection for rectal cancer have been analysed in a series of 1008 patients managed by one of the authors. Nine hundred andExpand
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Obstructing carcinomas of the colon
A series of 908 cases of colonic carcinoma has been analysed to elucidate reasons for the poor prognosis in obstructing colonic cancer. Complete obstruction was present in 148 cases (16·3 per cent),Expand
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Lung recurrence after curative surgery for colorectal cancer
A total of 1578 patients were treated with potentially curative surgical resection for colon and rectal cancer by one surgeon from 1950 to 1982. Follow-up revealed that 117 (11,5 percent) of 1013Expand
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Prognosis in relation to symptom duration in colon cancer
Between 1950 and 1978 754 patients underwent operation by one of the authors for carcinoma of the colon. Follow‐up data were available on 99 per cent. Tumour stage distribution did not differExpand
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Carcinoma of the Colon Cancer Specific Long‐term Survival. A Series of 615 Patients Treated by One Surgeon
The cancer specific survival in 615 patients undergoing resection for carcinoma of the colon is presented. The patients were operated on and managed by one surgeon between 1950–1977. ComputerExpand
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The surgical management of acute diverticulitis.
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Aggressive angiomyxoma of the female pelvis.
A 42 year old female presented with a 6 year history of a perineal mass. Clinically it had all the features of a perineal hernia. Two previous attempts to repair the 'hernia' had been performed. AtExpand
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