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Transforming education, transforming society: The co-construction of critical peace education and Indigenous education
This article seeks to contribute to the link between critical peace education and Indigenous education from an Indigenous international and comparative education perspective. The article firstExpand
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Tuki Ayllpanchik (our beautiful land): Indigenous ecology and farming in the Peruvian highlands
Based on ethnographic research with an Indigenous community in Junin, Peru, and involving over 21 participants, this article explores the link between Indigenous lands, environmental knowledge,Expand
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“You're Trying Hard, but It's Still Going to Die”: Indigenous Youth and Language Tensions in Peru and the United States
This article discusses emerging research on youth and Indigenous languages. Based on a comparative and international Indigenous education study in Peru and the United States, the intersection betweenExpand
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Conversations on indigenous education, progress, and social justice in Peru
This article attempts to contribute to our expanding definitions of Indigenous education within a globalized world. Additionally, the article critiques notions of progress modeled by powerfulExpand
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Indigenous language revitalization and new media: Postsecondary students as innovators
This article discusses the significance of Indigenous languages to human diversity and the challenges accompanying language loss posed to Indigenous peoples. The role of Indigenous postsecondaryExpand
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Comparative Indigenous education research (CIER): Indigenous epistemologies and comparative education methodologies
This article considers the contributions of Indigenous knowledges to educational research. It proposes the term comparative Indigenous education research (CIER) in an effort to promoteExpand
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