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A literature network of human genes for high-throughput analysis of gene expression
We have carried out automated extraction of explicit and implicit biomedical knowledge from publicly available gene and text databases to create a gene-to-gene co-citation network for 13,712 namedExpand
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A Uniform System for the Annotation of Vertebrate microRNA Genes and the Evolution of the Human microRNAome.
Although microRNAs (miRNAs) are among the most intensively studied molecules of the past 20 years, determining what is and what is not a miRNA has not been straightforward. Here, we present a uniformExpand
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Somatic point mutations in the p53 gene of human tumors and cell lines: updated compilation
In 1994 we described a list of approximately 2500 point mutations in the p53 gene of human tumors and cell lines which we had compiled from the published literature and made available electronicallyExpand
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The Genomic HyperBrowser: inferential genomics at the sequence level
The immense increase in the generation of genomic scale data poses an unmet analytical challenge, due to a lack of established methodology with the required flexibility and power. We propose a firstExpand
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Database of p53 gene somatic mutations in human tumors and cell lines.
A data base is described in which over 2,500 mutations in the p53 gene of human tumors and tumor cell lines are compiled from a systematic search of reports published before 1 January 1994. Data fromExpand
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Ten Simple Rules for Reproducible Computational Research
Replication is the cornerstone of a cumulative science [1]. However, new tools and technologies, massive amounts of data, interdisciplinary approaches, and the complexity of the questions being askedExpand
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Performance comparison of four exome capture systems for deep sequencing
BackgroundRecent developments in deep (next-generation) sequencing technologies are significantly impacting medical research. The global analysis of protein coding regions in genomes of interest byExpand
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Substantial Loss of Conserved and Gain of Novel MicroRNA Families in Flatworms
Recent studies on microRNA (miRNA) evolution focused mainly on the comparison of miRNA complements between animal clades. However, evolution of miRNAs within such groups is poorly explored despiteExpand
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Identification of a novel cytokeratin 19 pseudogene that may interfere with reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction assays used to detect micrometastatic tumor cells.
In many recent publications, it has been claimed that reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assays involving genes with tissue-restricted expression can be used for specific andExpand
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S100A4 involvement in metastasis: deregulation of matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases in osteosarcoma cells transfected with an anti-S100A4 ribozyme.
The biological function of the metastasis-associated gene S100A4 is not fully understood, although there is evidence indicating interactions between the gene product and the cytoskeleton. We haveExpand
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