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Quantitative in situ TEM tensile fatigue testing on nanocrystalline metallic ultrathin films.
A unique technique to perform quantitative in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) fatigue testing on ultrathin films and nanomaterials is demonstrated. The technique relies on aExpand
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On the Material Modeling of the Autofrettaged Pressure Vessel Steels
Material modeling of the high strength steels plays an important role in accurate analysis of autofrettaged tubes. Although, the loading behavior of such materials is nearly elastic-perfectlyExpand
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Quantifying and observing viscoplasticity at the nanoscale: highly localized deformation mechanisms in ultrathin nanocrystalline gold films.
This study unveils the stress relaxation transient deformation mechanisms in 100 nm-thick, nanocrystalline Au films thanks to a robust quantitative in situ TEM MEMS nanomechanical testing approach toExpand
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Temperature and humidity effects on the quality factor of a silicon lateral rotary micro-resonator in atmospheric air
Abstract The temperature and humidity dependence of the quality factor of MEMS lateral rotary resonators operating in atmospheric air was analyzed and measured. The quality factor of aExpand
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Accurate modeling of air shear damping of a silicon lateral rotary micro-resonator for MEMS environmental monitoring applications
Abstract The energy losses of a silicon lateral rotary micro-resonator operating in humid air were investigated with a three-dimensional finite volume model and compared to experiments as well as aExpand
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Residual stress analysis of autofrettaged thick-walled spherical pressure vessel
In this study, residual stress distributions in autofrettaged homogenous spherical pressure vessels subjected to different autofrettage pressures are evaluated. Results are obtained by developing anExpand
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Fatigue-induced thick oxide formation and its role on fatigue crack initiation in Ni thin films at low temperatures
Abstract This study highlights an oxidation-assisted fatigue crack initiation mechanism in 20 μm thick electroplated Ni films under loading conditions relevant for a wide range ofExpand
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An Experimental Setup for Combined In-Vacuo Raman Spectroscopy and Cavity-Interferometry Measurements on TMDC Nano-resonators
Nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) systems fabricated using atomically thin materials have low mass and high stiffness and are thus ideal candidates for force and mass sensing applications. TransitionExpand
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