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Evaluation of aluminum ultralight rigid wheelchairs versus other ultralight wheelchairs using ANSI/RESNA standards.
Previous studies found that select titanium ultralight rigid wheelchairs (TURWs) had fewer equivalent cycles and less value than select aluminum ultralight folding wheelchairs (AUFWs). The causes ofExpand
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Voltage-dependent ion channel currents in putative neuroendocrine cells dissociated from the ventral prostate of rat
Prostate neuroendocrine (NE) cells play important roles in the growth and differentiation of the prostate. Following enzymatic digestion of rat ventral prostate, the whole-cell patch-clamp techniqueExpand
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Identifying characteristic back shapes from anatomical scans of wheelchair users to improve seating design.
Spinal deformities are common in people who require the use of a wheelchair for mobility as a result of spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. Sitting positions vary between individuals withExpand
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Design and Development of a Lightweight, Durable, Adjustable Composite Backrest Mounting
ABSTRACT Rigid backrest systems for wheelchairs provide a stable and comfortable base of support to help users maintain good posture while propelling and sitting static. Unfortunately, these backrestExpand
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Design, testing and evaluation of angle-adjustable backrest hardware
Abstract Purpose: The purpose of this study was to design and evaluate a final design prototype of angle-adjustable backrest hardware. Methods: A traditional iterative design development protocol wasExpand
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Comfort and stability of wheelchair backrests according to the TAWC (tool for assessing wheelchair discomfort)
Abstract Purpose: The goal of this study was thus to determine if people with different types of wheelchair backrests on their personal wheelchairs reported different levels of comfort as measured byExpand
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Systematic Review on Occupational Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy
The purpose of this study was to present results and methods of occupational therapy for children with cerebral palsy using systematic review. This study was searched form papers published from Jan,Expand
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Impairment of diastolic function in newly diagnosed non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Background : Heart failure is one of the major cause of premature mortality and morbidity in diabetes mellitus. It has been well recognized that left ventricular diastolic dysfunction caused byExpand
The back support is an integral wheelchair component for appropriate seating position and trunk support. Compared to sling back supports, rigid back supports provide improved postural support andExpand