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A Large Eddy Simulation Study of Bluff Body Flame Dynamics Approaching Blow‐Off
ABSTRACT The mechanisms leading to blowoff were investigated numerically by analyzing bluff body stabilized flame at two conditions: a condition far from blowoff to a condition just prior to blowoff.Expand
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Large eddy simulation of bluff body flames close to blow-off using an Eulerian stochastic field method
This paper reports on Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of turbulent premixed methane/air flames approaching blow-off. The study focuses on a stable flame, and on a flame just prior to blow-off, bothExpand
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Fluid-Structure Interaction of Membranes in Flow Regulating Devices
The thesis focuses on multi-physics simulation of a gas inflator for inflation of airbags. The need of multi physics simulations extends to many other engineering and industrial applications and hasExpand
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the CeCOST Swirl Burner
Clean technology has become a key feature due to increasing environmental concerns. Swirling flows, being directly associated with combustion performance and hence minimized pollutant formation, areExpand
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Analysis of flow dynamics and flame stabilization in gas turbine related combustors
The regulations on the emissions from combustion devices are getting more and more strict for environmental and human health reasons. Modern combustion research faces two major challenges; reductionExpand
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Large Eddy Simulation of Bluff-Body Flame Approaching Blow-Off: A Sensitivity Study
ABSTRACT As almost all combustion processes of practical interest take place in the presence of turbulence, the development of the increasingly refined turbulence–chemistry interaction (TCI) modelsExpand
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Analysis of the turbulent flow structure in a jet stirred reactor using proper orthogonal decomposition
The accuracy of the experimental measurement of gas phase chemical kinetics related quantities using Jet Stirred Reactors (JSR) depends to a large degree on the homogeneity of the mixture inside theExpand