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Lead users: a source of novel product concepts
Accurate marketing research depends on accurate user judgments regarding their needs. However, for very novel products or in product categories characterized by rapid change---such as "highExpand
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Sticky Information and the Locus of Problem Solving: Implications for Innovation
To solve a problem, needed information and problem-solving capabilities must be brought together. Often the information used in technical problem solving is costly to acquire, transfer, and use in aExpand
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The Sources of Innovation
It has long been assumed that product innovations are typically developed by product manufacturers. Because this assumption deals with the basic matter of who the innovator is, it has inevitably hadExpand
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Performance Assessment of the Lead User Idea-Generation Process for New Product Development
This paper reports on a natural experiment conducted within the 3M Company on the effect of the lead user (LU) idea-generation process relative to more traditional methods. Expand
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Shifting Innovation to Users via Toolkits
Toolkits for user innovation is an emerging alternative approach in which manufacturers actually abandon the attempt to understand user needs in detail in favor of transferringneed-related aspects of product and service development to users. Expand
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Horizontal Innovation Networks - By and For Users
Innovation development, production, distribution and consumption networks can be built up horizontally—with actors consisting only of innovation users (more precisely, “user/self-manufacturers”).Expand
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Finding commercially attractive user innovations: A test of lead user theory
We empirically test and confirm the basic tenants of lead user theory. Expand
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Cooperation between Rivals: Informal Know-How Trading
It has long been recognized that it is difficult for an innovating firm to fully appropriate the benefits arising from its innovations, and that desired research might therefore not be performedExpand
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Innovation by User Communities: Learning From Open-Source Software
If the open-source software movement is any harbinger of future trends, manufacturing companies need to be concerned not only about what they produce, but also about what their customers mightExpand
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PERSPECTIVE: User toolkits for innovation
Manufacturers must accurately understand user needs in order to develop successful products–but the task is becoming steadily more difficult as user needs change more rapidly, and as firmsExpand
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