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Sensations of Tone as the Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music
In 1860 while Helmholtz was planning the third volume of his physiological optics he wrote to F. C. Donders (1818–1889), a physiologist and ophthalmologist at the University of Utrecht: “I have setExpand
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Tobacco rattle virus detection in potato tubers from northeast Florida by PCR and tissue blotting
Tobacco rattle virus (TRV) was detected in potato tubers by reverse transcription of RNA followed by amplification of the cDNA by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Primer A complementary to residuesExpand
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Supplemental host range of Araujia mosaic virus, a potential biological control agent of moth plant in New Zealand
Araujia mosaic virus (ArjMV) has previously been confirmed to have a narrow host range and is considered a potential biological control agent for moth plant (Araujia hortorum), a troublesomeExpand
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Partial sequencing of the genomic RNA of Araujia mosaic virus and comparison of the coat protein sequence with those of other potyviruses
Araujia mosaic virus (ArjMV, genus Potyvirus, family Potyviridae) was first reported in Araujia angustifolia and Morrenia odorata from Argentina [8]. It is transmitted by mechanical inoculation andExpand
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Physiological Acoustics and Combination Tones
Apart from a number of annual reports on the state of theoretical acoustics submitted to the Berlin Physical Society, Helmholtz’s first substantial exploration into the field of musical acoustic dealt with combination tones. Expand
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Neue Musik mit 31 Tönen
On commission of the Society for the Advancement of Systematic Musicology, Fokker in 1966 published a volume in the society’s series on fundamental questions in music. In the foreword to the volume,Expand
Just Intonation and the Harmonium
By mid-nineteenth century the climate of discussion had become optimum for undertaking the construction of keyboard instruments that are able to sound in just intonation. The technological expertiseExpand
Refinement of Pitch
The problem of wanting to, or being able to, put the notion of acoustical preference or acoustical purity to rest, either by being content to use comprehensive equal temperament in all instrumentalExpand
Encounters with Music Theorists in Japan
Tanaka returned to Tokyo in 1899 after 15 years of study and research in music theory and music instrumentation in Berlin and Vienna. As in the case of other Japanese scholars who had been selectedExpand