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Insulin resistance in uremia.
Tissue sensitivity to insulin was examined with the euglycemic insulin clamp technique in 17 chronically uremic and 36 control subjects. The plasma insulin concentration was raised by approximatelyExpand
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Measurement of heating of the skin during exposure to infrared radiation.
For the case of nonpenetrating radiation, it is shown that the change in surface temperature depends upon the intensity of effective heat supplied, duration of heating and thermal inertia for surfa...
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Ultrasonography and nephrotomography in the presymptomatic diagnosis of dominantly inherited (adult-onset) polycystic kidney disease.
Results of an ongoing four-year study evaluating the role of ultrasonography, nephrotomography, and routine excretory urography in the presymptomatic diagnosis of adult polycystic kidney diseaseExpand
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The response of the hypophysectomized cyprinodont, Fundulus heteroclitus, to replacement therapy with cortisol: effects on blood serum and sodium-potassium activated adenosine triphosphatase in the
Regulation of the inorganic constituents of the serum is nearly perfect in hypophysectomized Fundulus heteroclitus maintained in salt water, although serum Cl is lower. Chronic treatment withExpand
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Functional significance of Na- K-ATPase in the kidney: effects of ouabain inhibition.
TORRETTI, JORGE, ERNESTO HENDLER, EDWARD WEINSTEIN, ROBERT E. LONGNECKER, AND FRANKLIN H. EPSTEIN. Functional sign@ance of NaK-A Vase in the kidney: e$ect.s of ouabain inhibition. Am. J. Physiol.Expand
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Factors affecting human tolerance to sustained acceleration.
Linear increases in G tolerance with increases in anti-G suit (AGS) bladder inflation pressure occurred when relaxed subjects were exposed to acceleration plateaus while riding a centrifuge and wereExpand
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Effect of Head and Body Position and Muscular Tensing on Response to Impact
Human volunteers were exposed to increasing levels of sled acceleration and velocity during simulated barrier crashes while seated in a padded, bucket automobile seat and restrained by an advanced,Expand
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