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Matrona Docta: Educated Women in the Roman Elite from Cornelia to Julia Domna
Matrona Docta presents a unique study of the education of upper-class women in Roman society in the central period of Roman history, from the second century BC to AD 235. Emily A. Hemelrijk
Masculinity and femininity in the Laudatio Turiae
The unknown Roman woman, whose funerary inscription is known as the Laudatio Turiae (LT), lived a highly eventful life. As a young girl, she brought the murderers of her parents to justice (1.3–9)
Fictive motherhood and female authority in Roman cities
This paper discusses the meaning and function of female kinship titles in the Latin West, focusing on the title of mother of a city or a collegium, on the basis of a small corpus of Latin
Patronesses and "mothers" of Roman collegia
This paper studies the meaning and function of the titles "patroness" and "mother" of collegia in Italy and the Latin-speaking provinces of the Roman Empire in the Wrst three centuries ce. It is
Female Munificence in the Cities of the Latin West
By investigating female benefactors in the Latin West, this chapter aims to achieve a better insight into their contribution to their respective cities and to contribute to a more differentiated view
Priestesses of the Imperial Cult in the Latin West: Titles and Function
This article deals with the priestesses of the imperial cult in the cities of Italy and the western provinces of the Roman Empire in the first three centuries AD. On the basis of a corpus of 258
Hidden Lives, Public Personae: Women and Civic Life in the Roman West
This book is the culmination of E. Hemelrijk’s examinations of non-imperial women in the Roman West over fifteen years. She has regularly published articles on all the topics included here, yet she