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Development of vasomotor responses in fetal mesenteric arteries.
Changes in mesenteric arterial diameters were studied using intravital microscopy in chick fetuses at days 13 and 17 of incubation, corresponding to 0.6 and 0.8 fetal incubation time, both during 5Expand
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Sexuality and Nazism: The Doubly Unspeakable?
TH E H I S T O R Y O F S E X U A L I T Y in Nazi Germany unites two subjects vulnerable to sensationalist coverage: sex and Nazism. Film scholars have observed a tendency to eroticize NationalExpand
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Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones: From the Ancient World to the Era of Human Rights
Introduction: The History of Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones -Elizabeth D. Heineman I. SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN PEACE AND IN CONFLICT 1. Rape in the American Revolution: Process, Reaction, and PublicExpand
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Gender, Sexuality, and Coming to Terms with the Nazi Past
In the years leading to the sixtieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War, popular books and films have sparked lively discussions about the ways Germans use gender and sexuality toExpand
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What Difference Does a Husband Make?: Women and Marital Status in Nazi and Postwar Germany
In October 1946, seven million more women than men lived in occupied Germany. In this study of unwed, divorced, widowed and married women at work and at home across three political regimes, theExpand
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The Economic Miracle in the Bedroom: Big Business and Sexual Consumption in Reconstruction West Germany*
  • E. Heineman
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 1 December 2006
In 1950, Internationales Versandhaus Gisela (International Mail-Order House Gisela) printed on its letterhead: “The leading mail-order house.” A decade later, Gisela’s main competitor, Beate Uhse,Expand
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Complete Families, Half Families, No Families at All: Female-Headed Households and the Reconstruction of the Family in the Early Federal Republic
“ More than any other social institution”, proclaimed parliamentarian Bernhard Winkelheide in a meeting of the first West German Bundestag, “the family has fallen into the whirlpool created by theExpand
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