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Kinetics of growth and substrate consumption of Escherichia coli ML 30 on two carbon sources.
When E. coli ML 30 is grown in batch culture on a mineral salt medium containing a mixed carbon source of glucose and pyruvate, there is no sequential utilization of the carbon sources. TheExpand
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Polyhedral viruslike particles lysing the aquatic phycomycete Aphelidium sp., a parasite of the green alga Scenedesmus armatus.
Abstract Polyhedral particles about 200 nm in diameter were found in thalli of the aquatic phycomycete, Aphelidium sp., infecting the green alga Scenedesmus armatus . These particles occurExpand
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Instabilities of product formation in a fed‐batch culture of Penicillium chrysogenum
By investigation of a model of benzylpenicillin fermentation it was demonstrated that high fermentation productivity is connected with low stability. The increasing instability is not the result ofExpand
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Scenedesmus abundans (Kirchn.) Chod., an older name for Chlorella fuscaShih. et Krauss
Summary The type strains of Chlorella fusca and Scenedesmus nanus Chod . were studied. Apart from some differences, both taxa are similar in the formation of two/three different types of cell wallExpand
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Deterministic interpretation of the temperature response of microbial growth
A deterministic approximation of the thermal deactivation process is undertaken by structuring growth kinetics of cell populations on the activity level. Growth data of the green microalgaExpand
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Temperature Dependence of Population Growth in a Green Microalga: Thermodynamic Characteristics of Growth Intensity and the Influence of Cell Concentration
Growth intensity of the green alga, Scenedesmus obliquus, was measured in autotrophic cultures, diluted once daily, between 20 and 30 °C in a light-dark cycle of 16 : 8 h at initial optical densitiesExpand
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