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Coastal fishes of Southern Africa
Introduction Fish Names and Classification The Southern African Coast Bony Anatomy Fish Shape, Size and Colouration Fish Biology People and the Sea Class Chondrichthyes: Cartilaginous Fishes&oExpand
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Preliminary checklist of coastal fishes from the Mauritian island of Rodrigues
A list of the 493 coastal fish species known or reported from the Mauritian island of Rodrigues is presented, based on specimens of 316 species collected during a five-week survey conducted inExpand
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First record of a rare sand whiting, Sillago caudicula (Perciformes: Sillaginidae), from Madagascar
Abstract Seven specimens (106–180 mm in standard length) of the sand whiting Sillago caudicula Kaga, Imamura & Nakaya, 2010 previously known only from the type specimens from Oman, were collectedExpand
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Coastal fishes of the Western Indian Ocean
Poster presented at the 9th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference in Okinawa, Japan, 24 to 28 June 2013
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Three new goatfishes of the genus Parupeneus from the Western Indian Ocean, with resurrection of P. seychellensis
Three new mullid fishes of the genus Parupeneus, previously misidentified as P. heptacanthus (Lacepede), are described from the western Indian Ocean. All share with P. heptacanthus a symmetricalExpand
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Shedding a light on animal shelters: the use of light and its effect on the adoption process.
The current study aims to expand the research done in the field of environmental cues. The SOR-model (Mehrabian & Russell, 1974) is applied to an animal shelter. According to the SOR-model, stimuliExpand
A new deepwater gurnard of the genus Pterygotrigla (Scorpaeniformes: Triglidae) from the southwestern Indian Ocean.
A new species of deepwater gurnard, Pterygotrigla (Otohime) madagascarensis sp. nov. is described, based on two specimens collected on the upper continental slope south of Madagascar, in theExpand
First record of the rare Wide-mouth flounder Kamoharaia megastoma (Kamohara, 1936) (Pleuronectiformes, Bothidae) from the western Indian Ocean collected during the ATIMO VATAE expedition to
ABSTRACT Four specimens of Kamoharaia megastoma (Kamohara, 1936) were collected during the Atimo Vatae expedition to the “Deep South” region of Madagascar for the exploration of fauna and flora,Expand