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Complex signal function: developing a framework of testable hypotheses
The basic building blocks of communication are signals, assembled in various sequences and combinations, and used in virtually all inter- and intra-specific interactions. While signal evolution hasExpand
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Female mate choice based upon male motor performance
Our goal in this essay is to review the hypothesis that females choose mates by the evaluation of male motor performance. We define motor performance as vigour, the ability to perform energeticallyExpand
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Subadult experience influences adult mate choice in an arthropod: Exposed female wolf spiders prefer males of a familiar phenotype
  • E. Hebets
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 3 November 2003
Current sexual selection theory proposes several potential mechanisms driving the evolution of female mating preferences, few of which involve social interactions. Although vertebrate examples ofExpand
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Geographical variation in male courtship behaviour and sexual isolation in wolf spiders of the genusSchizocosa
We surveyed 12 populations of the wolf spider Schizocosa crassipes (Walckenaer) and S. nr. crassipes in Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, in the U.S. to determine the extent of variationExpand
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Attention-altering signal interactions in the multimodal courtship display of the wolf spider Schizocosa uetzi
Complex signals are common throughout the animal kingdom, consisting of one or more signals in one or more sensory modalities presented within a single display. I tested an efficacy-based backupExpand
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Leg ornamentation and the efficacy of courtship display in four species of wolf spider (Araneae: Lycosidae)
Abstract This study used both correlative and experimental video playback methods to test the hypothesis that the secondary sexual traits of male wolf spiders act to increase the efficacy of visualExpand
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An introduction to multimodal communication
Though it has long been known that animal communication is complex, recent years have seen growing interest in understanding the extent to which animals give multicomponent signals in multipleExpand
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A systems approach to animal communication
Why animal communication displays are so complex and how they have evolved are active foci of research with a long and rich history. Progress towards an evolutionary analysis of signal complexity,Expand
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Diet influences mate choice selectivity in adult female wolf spiders
Most studies of female choice have assumed that mating preferences are shared within a population or species. However, variation both within and among females exists in natural populations, andExpand
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