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Kinematic Structure of the Orion Nebula Cluster and Its Surroundings
We present results from 1351 high-resolution spectra of 1215 stars in the Orion Nebula Cluster (ONC) and the surrounding Orion 1c association, obtained with the Hectochelle multiobject echelle
We present an all-sky map of the diffuse Galactic far ultraviolet (1344-1786 A) background using Galaxy Evolution Explorer data, covering 65% of the sky with 11.79 arcmin2 pixels. We investigate the
The GALFA-HI Compact Cloud Catalog
We present a catalog of 1964 isolated, compact neutral hydrogen clouds from the Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array Survey Data Release One (GALFA-HI DR1). The clouds were identified by a custom
Discovery of an Enormous Lyα Nebula in a Massive Galaxy Overdensity at z = 2.3
Enormous Lyα nebulae (ELANe), unique tracers of galaxy density peaks, are predicted to lie at the nodes and intersections of cosmic filamentary structures. Previous successful searches for ELANe have
Multi-filament gas inflows fuelling young star-forming galaxies
Theory suggests that there are two primary modes of accretion through which dark-matter halos acquire the gas to form and fuel galaxies: hot- and cold-flow accretion. In cold-flow accretion, gas
Delta-doped electron-multiplied CCD with absolute quantum efficiency over 50% in the near to far ultraviolet range for single photon counting applications.
By combining the precision control of MBE and ALD, this work has demonstrated more than 50% external QE in the far and near ultraviolet in megapixel arrays and demonstrated that other important device performance parameters such as dark current are unchanged after these processes.
Single Photon Counting UV Solar-Blind Detectors Using Silicon and III-Nitride Materials
The approach used here employs molecular beam epitaxy for delta doping and superlattice doping for surface passivation and high UV quantum efficiency for photon-counting detection in III-nitride materials with high QE and intrinsic solar blindness.
Ultraviolet antireflection coatings for use in silicon detector design.
Progress is described in the development of a coated CCD detector with theoretical quantum efficiencies of greater than 60% at wavelengths from 120 to 300 nm and a selection of coatings that minimized reflectance on a Si test wafer were applied to functional devices.
Keck/Palomar Cosmic Web Imagers Reveal an Enormous Ly α Nebula in an Extremely Overdense Quasi-stellar Object Pair Field at z = 2.45
Enormous Lyα nebulae (ELANe) represent the extrema of Lyα nebulosities. They have detected extents of >200 kpc in Lyα and Lyα luminosities >10^(44) erg s^(−1). The ELAN population is an ideal
Searches after Gravitational Waves Using ARizona Observatories (SAGUARO): System Overview and First Results from Advanced LIGO/Virgo’s Third Observing Run
We present Searches After Gravitational-waves Using ARizona Observatories (SAGUARO), a comprehensive effort dedicated to the discovery and characterization of optical counterparts to gravitational