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Climate change, 1995 : economic and social dimensions of climate change
Summary for policymakers 1. Introduction: scope of the assessment 2. Decision-making frameworks for addressing climate change 3. Equity and social considerations 4. Intertemporal equity, discountingExpand
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Energy implications of future stabilization of atmospheric CO2 content
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change calls for “stabilization of greenhouse-gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenicExpand
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Technology transfer by CDM projects
Abstract Technology development and transfer is an important feature of both the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Kyoto Protocol. Although the Clean DevelopmentExpand
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Analysis of technology transfer in CDM projects: An update
The clean development mechanism (CDM) contributes to technology transfer by financing emission reduction projects using technologies not available in the host countries. This paper provides the mostExpand
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Development and climate change adaptation funding: coordination and integration
Within a few decades, tens of billions, and possibly over a hundred billion, dollars will be needed for climate change adaptation in developing countries. In recent international climateExpand
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The potential contribution of sinks to meeting Kyoto Protocol commitments
Abstract The Kyoto Protocol to the climate convention makes provision for sink enhancement activities to contribute to meeting the greenhouse gas emissions limitation commitments of industrialisedExpand
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Technology transfer in the CDM: an updated analysis
The prevalence of technology transfer (TT) for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects is analysed, based on information in the project design documents (PDDs) of 3949 projects registered as of 31Expand
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Climate change finance
Finance has been one of the key issues in climate change negotiations over the past few years. The Bali Action Plan (December 2007) called for enhanced action on the provision of financial resourcesExpand
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Mechanisms for linking emissions trading schemes
Linking emissions trading schemes has attracted interest as a means of reducing costs and expanding market size and liquidity. A number of studies have explored the compatibility of schemes, althoughExpand
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Estimates of incremental investment for and cost of mitigation measures in developing countries
Keeping the global temperature increase below 2°C will require concerted mitigation action by both developed and developing countries. In the UN Framework Convention, the Kyoto Protocol and theExpand
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