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Human Rights in a Globalizing World: The Paradox of Empty Promises1
The authors examine the impact of the international human rights regime on governments' human rights practices. They propose an explanation that highlights a “paradox of empty promises.” Their coreExpand
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Network Analysis for International Relations
A three-part agenda is proposed for future application of network analysis to international relations: import the toolkit to deepen research on international networks; test existing network theories in the domain of international relations; and develop new sources of data. Expand
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Sticks and Stones: Naming and Shaming the Human Rights Enforcement Problem
“Naming and shaming” is a popular strategy to enforce international human rights norms and laws. Nongovernmental organizations, news media, and international organizations publicize countries'Expand
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Trading Human Rights: How Preferential Trade Agreements Influence Government Repression
A growing number of preferential trade agreements (PTAs) have come to play a significant role in governing state compliance with human rights. When they supply hard standards that tie materialExpand
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Mainstreaming gender in the European Union
This article examines and explains the adoption of gender mainstreaming by the European Union (EU), and traces its implementation in five issue-areas of EU policy: Structural Funds, employment,Expand
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When Do Governments Resort to Election Violence
When are governments most likely to use election violence, and what factors can mitigate government incentives to resort to violence? How do the dynamics of election violence differ in the pre- andExpand
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Mainstreaming international governance: The environment, gender, and IO performance in the European Union
International organizations (IOs) have moved increasingly in recent years to adopt cross-cutting mandates that require the “mainstreaming” of particular issues, such as gender equality orExpand
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Mainstreaming Gender in Global Governance
In this article, we seek to explain both the origins of gender mainstreaming as a `policy frame' in International Relations, as well as the variable implementation of mainstreaming over time andExpand
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International Human Rights Law and the Politics of Legitimation
This study explores, with quantitative data analyses, why nation-states with very negative human rights records tend to sign and ratify human rights treaties at rates similar to those of states withExpand
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