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On the duality condition for a Hermitian scalar field
A general Hermitian scalar field, assumed to be an operator−valued tempered distribution, is considered. A theorem which relates certain complex Lorentz transformations to the TCP transformation isExpand
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A general quantum field theory is considered in which the fields are assumed to be operator‐valued tempered distributions. The system of fields may include any number of boson fields and fermionExpand
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Causal independence and the energy-level density of states in local quantum field theory
Within the general framework of local quantum field theory a physically motivated condition on the energy-level density of well-localized states is proposed and discussed. It is shown that any modelExpand
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Standard forms of local nets in quantum field theory
Nets of von Neumann algebras, with local algebras associated with all compact, convex, causally complete subsets of spacetime, are constructed, assuming a particular kind of net considered byExpand
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On the connection between quantum fields and von Neumann algebras of local operators
The relationship between a standard local quantum field and a net of local von Neumann algebras is discussed. Two natural possibilities for such an association are identified, and conditions forExpand
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The elastic scattering of spinless particles from a spherically symmetric stationary target is considered. The main idea is to describe the incident beam of particles as a certain statisticalExpand
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On the causal structure of Minkowski spacetime
The causal structure of Minkowski spacetime M is discussed, in terms of the notions of causal complementation and causal completion. These geometric notions are relevant for quantum field theory andExpand
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On systems of local operators and the duality condition
Systems of von Neumann algebras of local operators are considered, and a particular procedure for the construction of such a system from any given set of intrinsically local operators is described.Expand
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Asymptotic Properties of the Wave Function for a Bound Nonrelativistic Three‐Body System
The asymptotic properties of a Schrodinger wave function which represents the bound ground state of a system of three interacting particles are examined. It is assumed that the interaction can beExpand
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