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The Golden Peaches of Samarkand: A Study of T’ang Exotics
In the seventh century the kingdom of Samarkand sent formal gifts of fancy yellow peaches, large as goose eggs and with a color like gold, to the Chinese court at Ch'ang-an. What kind of fruit theseExpand
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The Conservation of Nature Under the T'Ang Dynasty
The study of the history of man's knowledge of plants and animals is all the more necessary in that it has been neglected in favor of the study of the development of tools. For instance, as LewisExpand
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The Early History of Lead Pigments and Cosmetics in China
The oxides of lead, minium, litharge and massicot 1), have probably been known, at least as curiosities, as long as lead itself, as ordinary by-products of the extraction of the metal from galena 2).Expand
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Hunting Parks and Animal Enclosures in Ancient China
Many persons augment their enjoyment in watching wild birds and harmless mammals-such creatures as robins, nuthatches and chipmunks-by setting out crumbs, suet and other food to attract them closerExpand
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Ritual Exposure in Ancient China
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