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Recognition of misfolded proteins by Lon, a AAA(+) protease.
Proteins unfold constantly in cells, especially under stress conditions. Degradation of denatured polypeptides by Lon and related ATP-dependent AAA(+) proteases helps prevent toxic aggregatesExpand
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Free Fibula Long Bone Reconstruction in Orthopedic Oncology: A Surgical Algorithm for Reconstructive Options
The fibula free flap became popular in orthopedic oncology for limb-sparing long bone tumor resection. It is particularly suitable for intercalary or resection arthrodesis options. In the presentExpand
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In vivo aggregation of a single enzyme limits growth of Escherichia coli at elevated temperatures
The formation of protein aggregates is associated with unfolding and denaturation of proteins. Recent studies have indicated that, in Escherichia coli, cellular proteins tend to aggregate when theExpand
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Clinical Comparative Study of Aquacel and Paraffin Gauze Dressing for Split-Skin Donor Site Treatment
The management of split-thickness skin graft donor sites is targeted towards promoting the healing process, while minimizing adverse effects and complications. The aim of this study was to compareExpand
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Survival of mycobacteria depends on proteasome‐mediated amino acid recycling under nutrient limitation
Intracellular protein degradation is an essential process in all life domains. While in all eukaryotes regulated protein degradation involves ubiquitin tagging and the 26S‐proteasome, bacterialExpand
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Gracilis Muscle Transposition for Fistulas Between the Rectum and Urethra or Vagina
PurposeThis study was designed to assess the efficacy of gracilis muscle transposition in repairing rectovaginal and rectourethral fistulas.MethodsData were retrieved from a retrospective chartExpand
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Control of methionine biosynthesis in Escherichia coli by proteolysis
Most bacterial proteins are stable, with half‐lives considerably longer than the generation time. In Escherichia coli, the few exceptions are unstable regulatory proteins. The results presented hereExpand
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Evolution of the ssrA degradation tag in Mycoplasma: Specificity switch to a different protease
  • E. Gur, R. Sauer
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 21 October 2008
Stalled ribosomes in bacteria are rescued by the tmRNA system. In this process, the nascent polypeptide is modified by the addition of a short C-terminal sequence called the ssrA tag, which isExpand
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A comprehensive algorithm for anterior skull base reconstruction after oncological resections.
OBJECTIVE To present our method for anterior skull base reconstruction after oncological resections. METHODS One hundred nine patients who had undergone 120 anterior skull base resections of tumorsExpand
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Machines of destruction - AAA+ proteases and the adaptors that control them.
Bacteria are frequently exposed to changes in environmental conditions, such as fluctuations in temperature, pH or the availability of nutrients. These assaults can be detrimental to cell as theyExpand
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