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High performance liquid chromatographic determination of alkaloids from Vinca minor L.
Fourteen alkaloids from Vinca minor L. were separated and their concentration determined by high performance liquid chromatography using Separon SGX C18 with a mobile phase of methanol:water (0.02Expand
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Vincarubime, a novel bisindole alkaioid from vinca minor L
Abstract The structure of a novel bisindole alkaloid vincarubine ( 1 was adduced from the spectral data. Vincarubine is the first dimeric alkaloid isolated from the leaves of lesser periwinkle.
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(-)-1-Norvincorine, a New Alkaloid from Vinca minor.
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Picrinine in Vinca minor
Plant Vmca mmor L Source Cultivated m region of Mohitcs South Hungary Uses MedIcma ’ Previous work Alkaloids 2 Present work A base, m p 224225”, was Isolated from the red highly polar fraction C3 ofExpand
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New Quaternary Alkaloids from Vinca minor.
Three new quaternary bases were separated from the most polar fraction of the crude methanolic extract of lesser periwincle ( VINCA MINOR L.) leaves. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopicExpand
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(+)-3α-Hydroxylupanine, a new alkaloid from Ammopiptanthus mongolicus (MAXIM.) CHENG F.
From leaves of Ammopiptanthus mongolicus (Maxim.) Cheng F. were isolated (+)-3α-hydroxylupanine, (1R)-3-O-methyl[1,2,4/3,5,6]-inositol, salicylic acid, (−)-piptanthine,Expand
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Biosynthesis of brevicolline
Conclusions1. When DL-[2−14C] tryptophan, sodium [2−14C] pyrotartrate, sodium [14/C]-formate, and universally labeled L-[14C] glutamic acid were introduced through the root system intoCarexExpand
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Zur Lebensweise und Fortpflanzungsbiologie von Melanatria fluminea (Gmelin) (Gastropoda)
Im Sommer vergangenen Jahres wurden dem I. Zoologischen Institut einige Exemplare von Melanatria fluminea Gmelin von Ing. Therezien (Service des Eaux et Forets; Tananarive) zur Verfugung gestellt.Expand
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