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Demonstration of virus particles in biopsy material from cases of Burkitt's tumour.
On peut conclure de ces constatations, en y ajoutant d'autres resultats rapportes, que le virus d'herpes and le reovirus sont tous de two associes a la tumeur de Burkitt, bien que leur role dans the maladie soit encore incertain.
Further Isolations of Reovirus Type 3 from Cases of Burkitt's Lymphoma
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Mycobacterium buruli lesions in the fruit bat web.
Effect of herpes simplex virus on human embryonic cells latently infected with reovirus type 3
A persistent latent infection of human embryo fibroblasts by reovirus type 3 was found to be due to the continuous infection of a small proportion of the cells. Super‐infection of these cultures by
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