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Sapphirine + quartz association from Archean rocks in Enderby Land, Antarctica
Quartzites and granulites containing the sapphirine-quartz association are found in the pyroxene-granulite-facies Archean Napier complex in the Tula Mountains and Amundsen Bay areas of Enderby Land,
Nomenclature of the garnet supergroup
The garnet supergroup includes all minerals isostructural with garnet regardless of what elements occupy the four atomic sites, i.e., the supergroup includes several chemical classes. There are
Recommended nomenclature for the sapphirine and surinamite groups (sapphirine supergroup)
Abstract Minerals isostructural with sapphirine-1A, sapphirine-2M, and surinamite are closely related chain silicates that pose nomenclature problems because of the large number of sites and
Carbonaceous Material in Some Metamorphic Rocks of New England and Other Areas
  • E. Grew
  • Geology
    The Journal of Geology
  • 1 January 1974
Carbonaceous material in regionally metamorphosed coal, black slate, graphite schist, and mica schist shows the following continuous changes with increasing metamorphic grade: increase in particle
Archean Rocks in Antarctica: 2.5-Billion-Year Uranium-Lead Ages of Pegmatites in Enderby Land
Uranium-lead isotopic data indicate that the granulite-facies Napier complex of Enderby Land, Antarctica, was cut by charnockitic pegmatites 2.5 billion years ago and by pegmatites lacking
Linking structure and chemistry in the schorl-dravite series
Nine tourmaline crystals for which major and minor element composition data are available have been examined by single-crystal X-ray structure refinement. The single crystals were then analyzed for
Borate Minerals and Origin of the RNA World
Boron isotope data and geologic context are consistent with an evaporitic borate precursor to 2400-2100 Ma borate deposits in the Liaoning and Jilin Provinces, China, as well as to tourmaline-group minerals at 3300–3450 Ma in the Barberton belt, South Africa.