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Role of the acoustic striae in hearing: contribution of dorsal and intermediate striae to detection of noises and tones.
1. Behavioral thresholds were obtained from cats, first with only their right ear and right dorsal, intermediate, and ventral acoustic striae (DAS, IAS, and VAS, respectively) intact, and then againExpand
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A Summary Measure Of Image Quality
  • E. Granger
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Optics + Photonics
  • 9 January 1984
The Fourier Transform of a line spread function, the O.T.F., can be accurately approximated by the moments of the line spread function. This relation is used to show that the second moment is anExpand
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Role of acoustic striae in hearing: Mechanism for enhancement of sound detection in cats
We report the results of behavioral studies in cats conducted first, to demonstrate the presence of a monaural mechanism for the enhancement of signal to noise; and then to examine the necessity orExpand
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Origin of interhemispheric fibers in acallosal opossum (with a comparison to callosal origins in rat)
The neocortical origins of the anterior commissure in the acallosal, marsupial opossum were studied with the horseradish peroxidase (HRP) method. Following complete surgical transection of theExpand
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Psychoacoustical contribution of each lateral lemniscus
Although each lateral lemniscus is required for sound localization in its contralateral hemifield, no auditory function is yet known for the neural activity evoked in the lemniscus ipsilateral to aExpand
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Is CIE L*a*b* good enough for desktop publishing?
  • E. Granger
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Electronic Imaging
  • 15 April 1994
The CIELab system of color coordinates is not optimal for use in desktop publishing (DTP) systems, because it is non-uniform, not well matched to human visual dynamics, and computationallyExpand
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Wavefront Measurements From A Knife Edge Test
Wavefront measurements from a knife edge testEdward M. GrangerEastman Kodak Company, U.S. Apparatus Division, USAD Research Laboratory,901 Elmgrove Road, Rochester, New York 14650AbstractThe knifeExpand
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Uniform color space as a function of spatial frequency
  • E. Granger
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Electronic Imaging
  • 8 September 1993
A vision model is presented that combines a model for human color perception and visual adaptation with a model for the achromatic and chromaticity modulation transfer functions of the visual system.Expand
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Gamut mapping for hard copy using the ATD color space
  • E. Granger
  • Geography, Engineering
  • Electronic Imaging
  • 10 April 1995
The ATD color space developed by Guth has shown that is can predict the response of human vision to a wide range of stimulus conditions. ATD is a good candidate for predicting the proper transformsExpand
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