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A qualitative analysis of the regulation of cyclic electron flow around photosystem I from the post-illumination chlorophyll fluorescence transient in Arabidopsis: a new platform for the in vivo
A transient in chlorophyll fluorescence after cessation of actinic light illumination, which has been ascribed to electron donation from stromal reductants to plastoquinone (PQ) by theExpand
Chloroplast biogenesis during the early stage of leaf development in rice
In rice, the developmental process in leaf formation can be divided into 7 stages (stages P0 to P6). We investigated chloroplast biogenesis and physiological changes in the developing leaves at theExpand
Chloroplast Accumulation Response Enhances Leaf Photosynthesis and Plant Biomass Production1
Chloroplast accumulation response facilitates efficient light capture in leaves and is required for the enhancement of leaf photosynthesis and plant biomass production. Under high light intensity,Expand
Palisade cell shape affects the light-induced chloroplast movements and leaf photosynthesis
Leaf photosynthesis is regulated by multiple factors that help the plant to adapt to fluctuating light conditions. Leaves of sun-light-grown plants are thicker and contain more columnar palisadeExpand
Light Controls Protein Localization through Phytochrome-Mediated Alternative Promoter Selection
Alternative promoter usage is a proteome-expanding mechanism that allows multiple pre-mRNAs to be transcribed from a single gene. The impact of this mechanism on the proteome and whether it isExpand
Brassinosteroid Involvement in Arabidopsis thaliana Stomatal Opening
Stomata within the plant epidermis regulate CO2 uptake for photosynthesis and water loss through transpiration. Stomatal opening in Arabidopsis thaliana is determined by various factors, includingExpand
Isolation and characterization of tetranucleotide microsatellite markers for Pinus merkusii
Pinus merkusii is an important tree native to Southeast Asia. Thirteen tetranucleotide microsatellite makers were developed from this species using a dual-suppression polymerase chain reactionExpand
Light-Induced Movements of Chloroplasts and Nuclei Are Regulated in Both Cp-Actin-Filament-Dependent and -Independent Manners in Arabidopsis thaliana
Light-induced chloroplast movement and attachment to the plasma membrane are dependent on actin filaments. In Arabidopsis thaliana, the short actin filaments on the chloroplast envelope, cp-actinExpand
The post‐illumination chlorophyll fluorescence transient indicates the RuBP regeneration limitation of photosynthesis in low light in Arabidopsis
The mechanism of post‐illumination chlorophyll fluorescence transient (PIFT) was investigated in Arabidopsis. PIFT was detected in the wild type after illumination with low light. In the fba3‐2Expand
Functional characterization of blue-light-induced responses and PHOTOTROPIN 1 gene in Welwitschia mirabilis
The blue light (BL) receptor phototropin (phot) is specifically found in green plants; it regulates various BL-induced responses such as phototropism, chloroplast movement, stomatal opening, and leafExpand