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Spatio-temporal distribution of early life stages of the European anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus L. within a European temperate estuary with regulated freshwater inflow: effects of environmental
The spatio-temporal distribution of the anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus in its early life stages was related to environmental conditions within the Guadalquivir River estuary (south-west, Spain) byExpand
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Field distribution and osmoregulatory capacity of shrimps in a temperate European estuary (SW Spain)
The spatial distribution of the six most common crustacean decapods in the benthos and hyperbenthos of the Guadalquivir estuary (SW Spain) has been analysed in relation to their osmoregulatoryExpand
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An illustrated key to species of Palaemon and Palaemonetes (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) from European waters, including the alien species Palaemon macrodactylus
A detailed illustrated key to the identification of the European species of the genera Palaemon and Palaemonetes is provided. This key has been elaborated taking into account recent changes in theExpand
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First report of the oriental shrimp Palaemon macrodactylus Rathbun, 1902 (Decapoda, Caridea, Palaemonidae) from German waters
The native East Asian shrimp Palaemon macrodactylus has become a common inhabitant of estuaries along the Pacific coast of North America. More recently (documented since 1999), the species has alsoExpand
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Environmentally mediated phenotypic links and performance in larvae of a marine invertebrate
Financial support to E.G.O. was obtained through a postdoctoral grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education, (I-D+i 2008-2011) and the Marie Curie Programme of the European Union. OtherExpand
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Influence of temperature on toxicity of single pharmaceuticals and mixtures, in the crustacean A. desmarestii.
Lethal and sublethal responses of the shrimp Atyaephyra desmarestii exposed to three pharmaceutical compounds, Diclofenac (DF), Ibuprofen (IB) and Carbamazepine (CBZ), individually and in mixtures,Expand
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Eco-evolutionary Dynamics of Individual-Based Food Webs
The past decade has seen the rise of high resolution datasets. One of the main surprises of analysing such data has been the discovery of a large genetic, phenotypic and behavioural variation andExpand
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The effects of temperature on embryonic and larval development of the stone crab Xantho poressa (Decapoda, Brachyura)
XX Iberian Symposium on Marine Biology Studies (SIEBM XX) , Braga, Portugal, 9 Sep - 12 Sep, 2019.
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Ecología de los crustáceos decápodos en el necton del estuario del Guadalquivir. Efectos de la introducción de 'Palaemon macrodactylus'
La comunidad de crustaceos decapodos del estuario del Guadalquivir esta formada por al menos 35 especies, siendo la mayoria de ellas especies marinas accidentales, que entran favorecidas por el bajoExpand
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