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Wars and peace treaties, 1816-1991
Post-Napoleonic Revolutionary Wars, Wars of German Unification, Wars of Italian Unification, The Decline of the Ottoman Empire, World Wars and Related Conflicts, Central Asian Wars, South Asian Wars,Expand
Guide to international relations and diplomacy
An invaluable guide to international relations and diplomacy, covering the international system, crises and meetings, policies and doctrines, force and diplomacy, common international space andExpand
The Politics of the State Visit
State visits are one of the oldest forms of diplomatic contact between the leaders of states. Redolent of the pomp of previous ages, the modern era has seen a vertical rise in the frequency of stateExpand
A Stimulating Simulation
Winning the Peace
The Washington Conference, 1921-22 : Naval Rivalry, East Asian Stability and the Road to Pearl Harbor
The Northern Mariner- "An excellent addition to the historiography not just of the Washington conference, but also of arms control in general." The International History Review- " While this volumeExpand
Great Britain and Greater Greece 1917–1920
The First World War saw the collapse of the old order in the Eastern Mediterranean with the disintegration of the Ottoman empire, an event which threatened to create a dangerous power vacuum. GreatExpand
Winning the Peace: British Diplomatic Strategy, Peace Planning, and the Paris Peace Conference, 1916-1920
Part 1 Plans, operations, and administration: the beginning of British preparations for peace the political intelligence department the struggle for control. Part 2 The evolution of diplomaticExpand
The First World War Peace Settlements, 1919-1925
The First World War changed the face of Europe - two empires (the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire) collapsed in its wake and as a result many of the boundaries of Europe were redrawnExpand
The evolution of British diplomatic strategy for the Washington conference
(1993). The evolution of British diplomatic strategy for the Washington conference. Diplomacy & Statecraft: Vol. 4, THE WASHINGTON CONFERENCE 1921–22, pp. 4-34.