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Methane production and consumption in anoxic marine sediments
The production of methane in anoxic environments can lead to significant accumulations of this gas in appropriate marine sediments. However, the uniformly low methane concentrations in marine,Expand
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The distribution of clay minerals in the World Ocean
Abstract The relative amounts of chlorite, montmorillonite, kaolinite and illite in the less than 2 micron size fraction of pelagic sediments are related to the sources and transport paths of solidExpand
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Occurrence of small colloids in sea water
COLLOIDAL particles in sea water may be important in the marine chemistry of elements such as carbon and iron1,2. Non-living, submicrometre particles (0.4–1.0 µm) have recently been found to beExpand
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Black carbon in the environment
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Trace organic contamination in the Americas: An overview of the US National Status & Trends and the International ‘Mussel Watch’ programmes
Abstract The National Status & Trends (NS&T, 1986–1993) and the International Mussel Watch (IMW, 1991–1992) programmes provide a good coverage of a broad range of environmental conditions along theExpand
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Marine geochronology with210Pb
The application of210Pb dating to an inshore marine deposit off the California coast has been successful. The amounts of unsupported210Pb annually accumulated in the Santa Barbara sediments are muchExpand
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Marine submicron particles
Abstract The qualitative and quantitative analyses of submicron particles from coastal surface seawaters off California involved their separation by ultracentrifugation, visual examination byExpand
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Colloid aggregation in seawater
Aggregation of small colloids (< 0.2 μm) is common in ocean waters and leads to agglomerates that are several microns in size. These aggregates are the most abundant macroparticles (1.0 μm) inExpand
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Black carbon in the environment : properties and distribution / Edward D. Goldberg
What is Black Carbon? The Chemical and Physical Properties of Black Carbons Black Carbon Formation The Degradation of Black Carbon Anthropogenic Black Carbons Black Carbons in the EnvironmentExpand
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