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Transport properties of silicon
Electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and thermoelectric power of single-crystalline silicon are investigated at temperatures between 2 and 300 K. From the measured data we calculate theExpand
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Metrologically based procedures for the temperature, heat and heat flow rate calibration of DSC
Metrologically based measuring procedures and evaluation methods are recommended as guidance for practical temperature, heat and heat flow rate calibration of DSC instruments which are largelyExpand
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Thermal conductivity of isotopically enriched silicon
Abstract By means of a steady-state heat-flow technique, we have measured the thermal conductivity in a bulk crystal of highly enriched (99.8588%) 28 Si for temperatures between 2 and 310 K. MaximumExpand
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Calibration of differential scanning calorimeters
This paper outlines the hndamental problems arising when scanning calo- rimeters are used and points out the need to unify the calibration methods applied. The essential features of the GEFTA'Expand
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Temperature, heat and heat flow rate calibration of differential scanning calorimeters
Abstract This contribution discusses basic problems and fundamental requirements for a universally applicable, unified and metrologically correct calibration of differential scanning calorimetersExpand
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Sub-micrometer thermal physics An overview on SThM techniques 1 Presented at the Twelfth Ulm-Freib
Abstract The historical development and present state of the art of scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) – temperature profiling, thermography and other measurements of thermal parameters – in theExpand
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REVIEW ARTICLE: Thermal boundary resistance of mechanical contacts between solids at sub-ambient temperatures
The experimental values of the thermal boundary resistance occurring at interfaces between two solids at sub-ambient temperatures are reviewed. New data are presented in the temperature range from 4Expand
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Thermal conductivity of isotopically enriched Si
We have used an optical pump-and-probe technique to measure the temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity, κ(T), of isotopically pure Si. The sample was made from 99.7% 28Si by liquid phaseExpand
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The caloric calibration of scanning calorimeters
Abstract The present recommendation of the GEFTA working group “Calibration of Scanning Calorimeters” allows a precise heat and heat flow rate calibration of scanning calorimeters, largelyExpand
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