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IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms for Antennas
Definitions of terms in the field of antennas are provided.
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In vivo antioxidant status, DNA damage, mutation and DNA repair capacity in cultured lymphocytes from healthy 75- to 80-year-old humans.
The accumulation of damage to cellular biomolecules, including DNA, over time may play a significant role in the aetiology of the ageing process. We have previously quantified DNA damage and mutationExpand
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An investigation of mutation as a function of age in humans.
An accumulation of mutations on their own or together with other age-related changes may contribute to aging and the development of age-related pathologies. The aim of this investigation was toExpand
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Effect of dietary intake and lifestyle factors on in vivo mutant frequency at the HPRT gene locus in healthy human subjects.
This paper describes the results of a study designed to assess the effects of a variety of dietary and lifestyle factors on background levels of mutant frequency (MF) at the hypoxanthine-guanineExpand
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Environmental effects on sporocarp counts over fourteen years in a forest area
The occurrence of fruit bodies of larger fungi growing in a coniferous forest in Northern Ireland was recorded from 1974 and the influences of temperature and rainfall on the production of sporocarpsExpand
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Music Teachers Should Shake Their Conservatism
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A quasi-lumped planar balun for printed circuit antennas
The optimal application of devices to monitor a variable which has a critical value
The optimal application of a set of detectors to record the value of a variable which has a specified critical value is presented. It is shown, that the readings may be taken from all detectors inExpand