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Where does turnout decline come from
Abstract.  This article looks at the socio-demographic sources of turnout decline in Canada. The analysis is based on the Canadian Election Studies that have been conducted between 1968 and 2000.Expand
Anatomy of a Liberal Victory: Making Sense of the Vote in the 2000 Canadian Election
Acknowledgements Introduction * The Parties and their Messages * The Media: Getting Out the Messages * Why Was Turnout So Low? * The Vote: Stability and Change * A Multi-Stage Model of Vote Choice *Expand
Dominance & Decline: Making Sense of Recent Canadian Elections
List of Figures and Tables Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Explaining Vote Choice 2. The Changing Social Bases of Party Support 3. Values and Beliefs 4. Party Loyalties 5. Does the Economy Matter?Expand
Time-of-voting decision and susceptibility to campaign effects
Abstract There is mounting evidence that election campaigns matter. There are also reasons to expect interpersonal heterogeneity in the susceptibility to campaign influence. Time-of-voting decisionExpand
Measuring strategic voting in multiparty plurality elections
Abstract We propose a method for measuring strategic voting in multiparty plurality elections, and we apply that method to the 1997 Canadian election. The first stage of the inquiry determinesExpand
Talking Tough: Gender and Reported Speech in Campaign News Coverage
Building on the notion of "gendered mediation," we argue that conventional news frames construct politics in stereotypically masculine terms, and we examine the implications of these news frames forExpand
The Political Resocialization of Immigrants
Theories of political socialization contain competing expectations about immigrants' potential for political resocialization. Premigration beliefs and actions may be resistant to change, exposure toExpand
Does the Local Candidate Matter? Candidate Effects in the Canadian Election of 2000
This article ascertains the impact of local candidates on vote choice in the 2000 Canadian election. The authors show that 44 per cent of Canadian voters formed a preference for a local candidate andExpand
Issue Importance and Performance Voting
Issue importance mediates the impact of public policy issues on electoral decisions. Individuals who consider that an issue is important are more likely to rely on their attitudes toward that issueExpand