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Anakinra for Colchicine‐Resistant Familial Mediterranean Fever: A Randomized, Double‐Blind, Placebo‐Controlled Trial
Treatment with anakinra, an interleukin‐1–blocking agent, prevented FMF attacks in those with colchicine‐resistant FMF, using a randomized controlled trial. Expand
Rheumatic manifestations among cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors.
It is shown that rheumatic iAE are part of the side effect profile of ICIs and require heightened awareness as these therapies are becoming the standard of care for various malignancies. Expand
Cryopyrin-associated periodic syndrome.
  • E. Giat, M. Lidar
  • Medicine
  • The Israel Medical Association journal : IMAJ
  • 1 October 2014
CAPS is a rare autoinflammatory disease associated with mutations in the NLRP3 gene that result in overactivation of the inflammasome, increased secretion of IL-1beta and IL-18, and systemicExpand
An Up-to-date Approach to a Patient with a Suspected Autoinflammatory Disease
The main AID, Familial Mediterranean fever, is reviewed and a practical approach to diagnosis in a patient with a clinical suspicion of AID is described, which is the most common AID in children worldwide. Expand
Cancer and autoimmune diseases.
Studies of autoimmunity secondary to malignancy, and the concomitant appearance of cancer with autoimmune disease, such as the discovery of a specific mutation in scleroderma patients that developed cancer are reviewed, which establishes the association between these disorders and sheds light on the pathology behind this association. Expand
Evidence from web-based dietary search patterns to the role of B12 deficiency in chronic pain
Food-related internet search patterns from a sample of 8.5 million US-based people are used to correlate these searches with internet searches related to possible effects of B12 deficiency and suggest that low B12 intake may be associated with a broader spectrum of neurological disorders than currently appreciated. Expand
DNA-Mediated Interferon Signature Induction by SLE Serum Occurs in Monocytes Through Two Pathways: A Mechanism to Inhibit Both Pathways
Two mechanisms for internalization of DNA by monocytes were identified, and a potential therapeutic to prevent nucleic acid internalization in SLE is identified. Expand
Clinical Picture in Adulthood and Unusual and Peculiar Clinical Features of FMF
The clinical manifestations may vary between patients, including members of the same family and even between identical twins, and clinical diversity may also be seen in the same individual, with different site of attacks in different episodes. Expand
Evidence From Web-Based Dietary Search Patterns to the Role of B12 Deficiency in Non-Specific Chronic Pain: A Large-Scale Observational Study
The findings show that Internet search patterns are a useful way of investigating health questions in large populations, and suggest that low B12 intake may be associated with a broader spectrum of neurological disorders than previously thought. Expand
Normal arterial stiffness in familial Mediterranean fever. Evidence for a possible cardiovascular protective role of colchicine.
Though subjected to chronic inflammation, colchicine treated FMF patients have normal PWV, providing direct evidence for a cardiovascular protective role of colchichine in FMF. Expand