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Influence of Pb(II) on the radical properties of humic substances and model compounds.
The influence of Pb(II) ions on the properties of the free radicals formed in humic acids and fulvic acids was investigated by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy. It is shown that, in bothExpand
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A humic-acid-like polycondensate produced with no use of catalyst.
The synthesis and physicochemical characterization of a water soluble humic-acid-like polycondensate (HALP), which mimics fundamental physicochemical and spectroscopic properties of natural humicExpand
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Differential Micronuclei Induction in Human Lymphocyte Cultures by Imidacloprid in the Presence of Potassium Nitrate
Humans are exposed to pesticides as a consequence of their application in farming or their persistence in a variety of media, including food, water, air, soil, plants, animals, and smoke. TheExpand
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Thermodynamics of adsorption of dithiocarbamates at the hanging mercury drop.
Two dimethyldithiocarbamate (DMDTC) pesticides, thiram and ziram, are adsorbed onto a Hg drop via an entropically driven process. The adsorption isotherms are described by the Frumkin equation. ForExpand
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Interfacial thermodynamics of gallic acid adsorption on a chargeable hydrophobic surface.
The thermodynamics of adsorption of gallic acid (GA, 3,4,5-trihydroxylbenzoic acid) on the hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE) surface was studied by temperature-dependent stripping voltammetryExpand
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Adsorption and radical stabilization of humic-Acid analogues and Pb2+ on restricted phyllomorphous clay.
Humic acids have stable radicals that are indigenous to their structure. Hydroxybenzoic acid derivatives such as gallic acid (GA) and protocatechuic acid are appropriate models for the radicalExpand
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Elementary Excitations in Order-Disorder Systems Studied by NQR
Abstract The 35Cl spin-lattice and spin-spin relaxation times T1 and T2 as functions of temperature and impurity concentration were analytically calculated and experimentally verified for theExpand
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Thermodynamics of adsorption of imidacloprid at constant charge hydrophobic surfaces: physicochemical aspects of bioenvironmental activity.
Adsorption of the insecticide 1-(6-chloro-3-pyridylmethyl)-N-nitroimidazolidin-2-ylideneamine (Imidacloprid) on the hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE) surface was studied by temperature-dependentExpand
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Fishtank water as a source of a rare case of Aeromonas hydrophila septicaemia.
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Type D fractures of the odontoid process
Type D fractures of the odontoid process are rare and usually occur in the elderly. The mechanism of fracture is unclear. Non-operative treatment is indicated provided that adequate immobilizationExpand
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