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Shor’s factoring algorithm and modern cryptography. An illustration of the capabilities inherent in quantum computers
The security of messages encoded via the widely used RSA public key encryption system rests on the enormous computational effort required to find the prime factors of a large number N using classicalExpand
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Rotational Excitation by Slow Electrons. II
Cross sections are calculated for rotational excitation of a homonuclear diatomic molecule by collisions with very slow electrons. The mechanism is assumed to be the long-range quadrupoleExpand
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Variational Principles for the Acoustic Field
Variational principles are presented for the scattering amplitude in the general acoustic scattering problem, and, for spherically symmetric scatterers, for the phase shifts. Integral equations forExpand
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Electronic and Atomic Collisions.
What do you do to start reading electronic and atomic collisions ? Searching the book that you love to read first or find an interesting book that will make you want to read? Everybody has differenceExpand
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On Tensor Forces and the Theory of Light Nuclei
The quadrupole moment of the deuteron indicates the existence of non-central tensor forces in nuclei which destroy the constancy of the total orbital angular momentum. With simple operationalExpand
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Outgoing Boundary Condition in Rearrangement Collisions
The boundary condition on the solution to the nonrelativistic time-independent Schr\"odinger equation for arbitrarily complicated rearrangements of spinless particles is carefully examined. For realExpand
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A model for the growth of ionization in a gas with a uniform electric field is studied by Laplace transform techniques. The total electron‐molecule cross section is taken inversely proportional toExpand
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A model gas is considered in which all electron-molecule cross sections are isotopic and depend inversely on the velocity v. Collisional energy loss is neglected. The Boltzmann equation for the modelExpand
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Charge Transfer in Molecular Hydrogen
The effects of the molecule on electron capture by protons in hydrogen gas have been investigated in first Born approximation with different types of electronic wave functions. It always has beenExpand
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