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Solving Mixed and Conditional Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Constraints are a powerful general paradigm for representing knowledge in intelligent systems. The standard constraint satisfaction paradigm involves variables over a discrete value domain andExpand
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On the generation of locally consistent solution spaces in mixed dynamic constraint problems
The development of industrial products such as cars, mechanical tools as well as civil engineering structures includes the task of identifying components and arranging them in a product structure.Expand
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A Fixpoint Definition of Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction
Many combinatorial problems can be represented naturally as constraint satisfaction problems (CSP). However, in some domains the set of variables in a solution should change dynamically on the basisExpand
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Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction in Configuration
Configuration tasks exhibit dynamic aspects which require extending the basic constraint satisfaction framework. In this paper we give a new, well-founded and relatively simple definition of suchExpand
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Interactive Configuration using Constraint Satisfaction Techniques
In this paper~ we focus on techniques for incremen- tal constraint-based configuration with discrete and continuous variables. We show how to formalize constraint knowledge using compatibility andExpand
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Local Consistency for Ternary Numeric Constraints
Reference LIA-CONF-1997-007View record in Web of Science Record created on 2006-12-13, modified on 2016-08-08
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Information quality for strategic technology planning
This article discusses the increasing importance of information to so called information factories. As information management is their core competence, development of information quality should beExpand
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Management of conflict for preliminary engineering design tasks
Keywords: 341/ICOM Reference ICOM-ARTICLE-1995-006 Record created on 2008-01-24, modified on 2017-05-12
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Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction with Conflict Management in Design
In this paper, we focus on techniques for constraint-based design tasks with continuous variables in dynamic environments. We show how design spaces can be explored within an intelligent CAD systemExpand
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Applying and adapting the IEC 61346 standard to industrial automation applications
The IEC 61346 standard describes a reference designation system for identifying the objects and structuring the information of virtually any kind of technical system. The generality of the standardExpand
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